Personal Training

F.U.S.E Fitness offers expert private instruction to help you reach your goals. Whether you want to lose weight, increase muscle mass, or be ahead of your game we can help. We incorporate strength training, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, balance, co-ordination and core work to bring you the most challenging and well-rounded workout program available anywhere.

Whether you choose to come to our facility, or have us come to your home, gym or outside location you'll get the workout you need, designed just for you.

Our personal trainers are fitness enthusiasts who have not succumbed to the clipboard and three sets of ten mentality. They think outside the box. Call us unconventional, that's ok. For more information about our personal training program, click here.

Group Training

Work with a small group and become part of our fitness teams. We offer small group training in the early morning and evenings. Work at your own pace and we’ll help you take your fitness to a new level. Click here for class times.

Boot Camp

A diverse workout experience! F.U.S.E functional bootcamps take traditional boot camp training methods and add some pretty cool twists. We coach boot camps offering the best of both worlds. We take old school outdoor boot camp drills and incorporate body weight excercises, use tires and ropes, kettlebells, sandbags, Bungee cords, boxing, TRX suspension training, plyometrics, medicine balls, gymnastics rings - whatever we think will challenge you, burn tons of calories, and strengthen the entire body.

All of our boot camps include in-gym elements, in our 3800 square foot training facility. Using free weights, plate-loaded and selectorized equipment.

Don't settle for regular boot camps - try this out, you will love it. Class times.

Click here for more information about our camps, and see our videos here. 

Corporate Training

Interested in putting together a boot camp or group session for your company or organization? We can bring you a custom program to meet your requirements. Call us on (408) 335-4773 to find out more about corporate training.

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