Our Approach

The FUSE Philosophy

The recipe is simple. Make every workout count and you WILL reach your fitness goals. You CAN be a healthier, leaner and stronger you.

Whether you come to F.U.S.E. for private training or one of our many group classes, we know you'll be challenged, you'll be enlightened and you'll leave knowing you can acheive more than you ever thought you could.

Our trainers love what they do and they're here to get you motivated. Period. We incorporate balance, co-ordination and core involvement in every single workout and you'll never see workouts like this anywhere else, guaranteed. We want you moving. We want you moving safely and naturally - the way your body wants to move, and we want you strong - from the inside out. We believe in functional training because there's no better way to take you to the next level of fitness and get you a strong, healthy and injury free body, for life.

We believe in functional exercise. We believe that unless you take it beyond your comfort zone, you may as well stay in bed. Increased intensity equals results. Start with the core and then never stop building on it. Make this a lifetime habit - You'll leave behind one hell of a corpse. Diets don't work. Processed food belongs in a trashcan. TV has no place in a gym. If you have time to watch one you're not working hard enough. A positive mental attitude will take you anywhere you want to go"

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