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My name is Jane Patrick. As the owner of F.U.S.E. I love what I do and I'm there to get you motivated. Period.

With over twenty years of training experience I have trained clients of every age, from every walk of life, drastically varying fitness levels and also those recovering from injuries.

'In almost all of those clients I found a connection and understanding and I continue to meet extremely inspiring people through my work.'

I incorporate balance, co-ordination and core involvement in every single workout and you'll never see workouts like this anywhere else, guaranteed. I want you moving. I want you moving safely and naturally - the way your body wants to move, and I want you strong - from the inside out.

'With my coaching and your determination we can take you to the next level of fitness and get you a strong, healthy and injury free body, for life.'



TRX Suspension Trainer


When you choose F.U.S.E. for private training, you'll be challenged, you'll be enlightened and you'll leave knowing you can achieve more than you ever thought you could.

The recipe is simple. Make every workout count and you WILL reach your fitness goals. You CAN be a healthier, leaner and stronger you and it doesn't need a gym to make it happen!


Choose from the comfort of your own home, office, gym or one of the many beautiful outdoor locations that are available to us.

When you choose FUSE, your trainer will arrive a few minutes early to set up equipment and get ready for your session. Your trainer will also screen for muscle tightness while thoroughly stretching you out before you begin training.

We supply resistance training equipment, benches, mats, balance tools and a vast range of fitness "toys" you'll never see in a gym that make your workout diverse, fun and challenging.