“Before working with Jane, I checked out numerous other personal trainers, only to be grossly disappointed by their lack of professionalism, equipment, knowledge, personality, and unyielding ideas of what was best for me. It seemed no matter how or what I said, all the other trainers prior to Jane had a very specific agenda that I was expected to follow. Then I went to see Jane. Her energy was different, her equipment was unique, and her approach was fresh and ever changing. She worked with me to meet my needs, yet pushed me to try the new. As a result of her confidence and knowledge, I was able to place my trust in her which allowed me to do more and get greater results. Jane is a true professional that is ready, willing and able to help bring about the change that only a personal trainer can make. More importantly, her program is diverse, challenging and matchless. When you are ready to make a change, seek a different approach to working out and want maximum results, work with Jane at Fuse Fitness.” Andy C

"Simply said, FUSE is awesome!! I love the trainers, the people, and most of all the different unexpected workout every time I'm there. Whether I'm carrying medicine balls above my head, flipping tires, or working the ropes, you are guaranteed to get the best workout ever. I wouldn't think about training with anyone else." Colleen D

"Fuse fitness and Jane are the best! Jane keeps the workouts tough but interesting with the variety of exercises. Even after 3 years, she comes up with new equipment & methods every week!" Bob H